Jeferson Calazans
Jeferson Farias Calazans

Jeferson Calazans is a passionate software developer with a degree in Computer Science. He has been working with web development for the past 12 years.

As a passionate software developer, Jeferson has worked for several technology companies in various industries, from payments to e-commerce. Since the beginning of his career, Jeferson has adapted to each situation, helping the companies he worked with to build well-crafted applications. He is always open-minded and eager to learn new methodologies and technologies.

When he is not working, you will find Jeferson wandering through the beautiful landscapes around Rio de Janeiro or hanging out with his son and wife. He is also into reading books, listening to music and the radio show RoNca RoNca, and watching movies and TV series.

If you want to know more about him, take a look at his profile on Linkedin, read some of his code on Github, check out his stream on Twitter or get in touch via email.